Lindtner in Hamburg — On August 1st, 2014, the beyond Hamburg’s and Europe’s borders well known gastronomic institution celebrated its 75th anniversary. Not only does the magic number 75, but especially the begin and the ensuing growth of this family-owned business, are reasons to celebrate this exceptional story.

On the first of August 1939, the newlyweds Hermann and Alwine Lindtner opened a pastry shop in the centre of Hamburg. The shop was a hit among Hamburg’s citizens – until 1943 when bombs hit the shop.

The couple was able to escape from the burning Hamburg, the pastry shop including the bakery and the inventory was lost. On the Eppendorfer Landstraße in Hamburgs’s Eppendorf district the couple made a fresh start. It was to be a classic style café, in furnishing and quality, a top class pastry shop. It has been that to the present day. Constant technical modernisation and gentle adaptation to today’s needs have maintained the charm of the dining area and the popularity among young and old.

With the construction of the Hotel/Restaurant Lindtner, in the Heimfeld district, the founders took a big risky step in 1949. From the laying of the foundation stone until opening took exactly 99 days.

Three daughters, Heidrun, Brunhild and Korri, which today run the business together, were born in the meantime. In the following years and decades, Harburg citizens flocked into the house at the Black Mountains, and amused themselves with food and drinks, music and dancing. In our ballroom, many young women and young men celebrated the end of their dance courses.

Since the early beginnings, the Hotel Lindtner has been in high demand for school graduation parties, wedding parties and anniversaries. Harburg´s Marksmen’s Guild of 1528 has its headquarters here. Our house with its private atmosphere has become a second home for many of our guests.

The next big step began with a drastic decision – was it time for modernization, expansion or new construction? The most radical solution was chosen: new construction – and that is part of the uniqueness – while maintaining day-today operations. In 1992 the demolition and construction work began. Essentially the only thing that remained was the great ballroom that offers room for 700 guests. During the next two years the Hotel was “transformed” into a Bauhaus inspired, four storeyed building with more than 100 rooms and suites.

The number of light-flooded ballrooms, parlours and conference rooms multiplied. New restaurants were added, the outdoor facilities, gardens and parking spaces were redesigned, taking the old tree population into consideration.

For many years the guests have been impressed by paintings by the artist Vladimir Kamendy, that hang all over the house. The hotel and kitchen have already reached the highest level – the clientele is international. To be satisfied with the achieved is not Lindtner’s thing.

The decision to enlarge the hotel once again has almost become routine. More space for conferences, exhibitions and receptions had to be added. The extension of the wing hall, equipped with up to date media technology – and a panoramic view into nature, began in 2007. Along with the expansion came the amplification of the already enormous entrance hall. A Fireplace Lounge was added, as well as additional suites were added and overall reigns a Spa, which brings relaxation to the body and calm to the soul.