Art in the Hotel

The lively atmosphere in a business enterprise is stimulation and inspiration for both guests and staff of our house. The release of creative energy is ultimately the pre-requisite for securing a company’s existence for generations to come. In our world of rational processes, art exerts a special fascination: It can depict, give meaning to and show visions of the future. Art is an expression of creative strength and creativity, and is a constant source for progress.

In our house, art should create that distance to rational processes without which creativity can’t develop. Guests should feel well so that new ideas and thoughts can unfold.

Our house is a culture transporter, displaying the art and culture of our time, from the architecture and interior design to the works and sculptures of contemporary artists. Today and in the future.

THE ARTIST Vladimir Kamendy (1955 - 2014)

Vladimir Kamendy was born in Bratislava (Pressburg), Slovakia and since the age of 20 a Swedish citizen. Kamendy was a polyglot world citizen and art teacher, a highly gifted master of colours.

Many of his works can be seen in the rooms and suites and public areas of our house, conveying a universal intensity that has no equivalent in contemporary modernist painting. Almost all paintings were created here in his studio. The artist was “at home” in our hotel since 1992, regularly spending a large portion of the year here.

He died at the age of only 59 years in 2014 in his studio in Berlin, directly next to Checkpoint Charlie, that is now a museum-like institution now documenting Germany’s surmounted division.

His paintings tell of time and infinity, of faith, love, hope. His works were mainly created during his annual August “Summer Studio” , but also in New York, Venice and Basel.

We will honour him in memory, as a great artist of his time.